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Wichman Law Firm LLC welcomes you to our home online.  Our Kansas City, Kansas, and Missouri legal team focuses our legal practice on all types of personal injury, traffic and DUI/DWI matters, criminal defense matters for individuals, and intellectual property matters for individuals and small businesses. Wichman Law Firm is the law firm you can trust to deliver positive results for you.  We are a highly customer service oriented firm with strong attention to detail. Locally owned and operated in the KC area, Attorney Kevin Wichman is proud to have grown up in the area and to have continued to make his home here.  We are dedicated to providing quality representation and take great pride in the our final outcome and resolution to your case, but most importantly we strive to make our clients lives better by getting them through the struggles they are currently dealing with so they can get back to focusing fully on other matters of their life that are less dramatic and emotionally time consuming.

Counties in Missouri that we typically serve:

Counties in Kansas that we typically serve:

Legal Matters we focus primarily on:

  • Personal Injury
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Traffic and DUI/DWI Defense
  • Criminal Defense
  • Intellectual Property – Trademark, Copyright, and Patent
  • Business

     Other Services Provided

  • Gaurdian ad Litem – Attorney representing those who can’t speak for themselves – minors and incapacitated
  • Family law – child custody/support, divorce/separation
  • Discrimination
  • Ask Us About Other Areas or a Referral

Hire a law firm to represent you that is dedicated to making your life, and those of Kansas City a better place now and in the future for yourself and your family. Call Wichman Law Firm LLC today at (816) 787-1529 in MO or (913) 543-1529 in KS for a FREE Consultation.