Practice Areas

traffic-ticket-defense-lawyer-small-picCriminal Defense, DUI/DWI, and Traffic Tickets

Criminal charges and severe traffic violations can take anyone by surprise and cause major stress. Wichman Law is your skilled defense against serious accusations. We’re here to defend your rights in emotionally difficult circumstances.

car-accident-injury-small-picAutomobile Accident Personal Injury

Accidents happen every day.  Cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, pedestrians – we’re all at risk from a serious collision, leading to high medical bills, often lifelong pain, and always suffering. If you’re injured-we’re on your side.

dog-bite-injury-small-picDangerous Premises Personal Injury

Dangerous premises may not seem part of everyday life, but ask a mother whose child has been bit by a dog. Or a senior citizen who fell walking up a ramp.  We’re here to care for you whenever your care has been compromised by someone’s negligence.

medical-malpractice-injury-small-picMedical Malpractice and Nursing Home Personal Injury

Medical providers usually deliver excellent care. But our complex health care system can also create tragic mistakes and medical negligence.  We’re the right navigator to combat impersonal insurance companies who would deny your claim.

overexertion-work-injury-small-picWorkers’ Compensation Personal Injury

Thousands of workers are injured on the job every year.  Yet in many cases many employees don’t get the full benefit of workmen’s compensation rules. We’re here to make sure your claim succeeds with the best outcome.

trademark-smallIntellectual Property, Trademark, Copyright, and Business

Intellectual property and other business protections are more important for every business in today’s economy.  Whether you’re a startup or well-established business, Wichman Law is your legal advisor for all your trademark, copyright and general business needs.