Overexertion Work Comp Lawyer – Choose Attorney Kevin Wichman For Your Representation in Greater Kansas City

overexertion-at-work-injury-lawyer-kansas-cityExperience and Proven Results – Kevin Wichman of Wichman Law Firm LLC grew up in Johnson County, Kansas, and has handled trials in many courts throughout the Kansas City metro. Most of us don’t realize the consequences of over-exertion until it happens to us. Picking up a parcel incorrectly, transferring a patient without enough support, or reaching too far when under pressure for inventory checks all contribute to debilitating injuries. Kevin Wichman knows that many companies dismiss overexertion claims. He understands the negotiation strategies of large insurance companies and uses that knowledge to win on behalf of his clients. Recognized as a top trial lawyer by his peers, he wins cases that provide the best financial remedies to clients, so they can heal and move forward.

Attentive Care and Thorough Preparation – Unlike a large firm juggling clients by case number, with Kevin Wichman as your lawyer you are always an individual. He personally evaluates the particular details of when you overexerted yourself at work, how the pain started, and how lingering effects hinder your ability to continue working. His unwavering belief in his clients ensures that he will fight for the best ultimate outcome for your situation. When you call, you’ll get a prompt answer. When you have questions, you’ll get a clear explanation of options and next steps. When you are concerned, he’ll listen carefully and support your needs. He will serve as your long-term counsel and stick with the case no matter how complex.

Affordable Fees – There is NO FEE unless you win. And Kevin Wichman will make sure that when you win, you win what you deserve.

Wichman Law Firm LLC is a leading personal injury firm serving the Kansas City metro. Attorney Kevin Wichman has years of experience in jury trials in local courts and in tough settlement negotiations against large insurance companies and corporations. He will return your call immediately and set up a free consultation to discuss your case. He will review your any information you may have, to discuss all of the details about how you overexerted yourself. He will review communications with management and discuss the medical treatment you followed. Attorney Wichman will be able to advise you of next steps and the process of dealing with insurance companies and the court system. He will serve as your advocate by dealing directly with insurance adjustors and other representatives. He will prepare timely filings with the courts and work toward a successful resolution as quickly as possible, so you can move ahead with your life.

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