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We’ve all heard about the employee who went golfing when supposedly  “suffering” from a workplace injury. The fact is, though, that headlines aside, thousands of people are injured on the job every day. Some people remain quiet, fearful of losing a secure job.  Others don’t realize that a persistent problem is a direct consequence of their workplace environment. But everyone deserves an advocate who can examine the issues. You are entitled to fair workman’s compensation in Kansas and Missouri.  If you don’t understand any of the legal language in your company’s policy manual, call us. Wichman Law can cut through the legal confusion and advise you of your rights.

We handle workmens’compensation (aka workers compensation or work comp) cases throughout the Greater Kansas City metropolitan area, on both sides of the state line of Kansas and Missouri, and can help you recover the proper amount from your employer for cases involving:

  • Carpal tunnel workers’ compensation injury
  • Construction worker workers’ compensation injury
  • Overexertion workers’ compensation injury
  • Typing workers’ compensation injury
  • Heavy machinery workers’ compensation injury
  • Back strain workers’ compensation injury
  • Neck strain workers’ compensation injury
  • Loss of hearing or sight workers’ compensation injury
  • Loss of limb workers’ compensation injury
  • Loss of life workers’ compensation wrongful death
  • Other hurt-at-work workers’ compensation injury

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Carpal tunnel and typing

Many businesses are suspicious of claims of repetitive stress injuries. Yet we all rely on our hands to perform our daily work, whether we’re a call center employee or an assembly worker.  Carpal tunnel syndrome is very real, with extreme pain that limits your ability to do your daily work.

Repetitive stress injuries may become painful out of the blue, or slowly over time depending upon a range of factors in your personal health. You could have left a job, only to have the pain start several years later.

Carpel tunnel syndrome could mean you’re out of a job.  Who will pay the bills then?

Wichman Law has direct experience resolving repetitive stress injuries.

You have rights to a valid workmen’s compensation claim. We’ll help you get that fair claim.

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Construction worker

The construction industry remains one of the most accident-ridden industries in the U.S.  Most companies have strict safety measures in place, yet a construction worker who begins a career at age 20 has a 1 in 200 chance of a fatal accident, from the research of the Center for Construction Research and Training.

Whether falling off a roof, being struck by a heavy object, or mishandling power tools or machinery,  outsize risks abound for workers in various trades as construction rebounds in Johnson, Jackson and Wyandotte Counties.

If you’re hurt on the job, call us.

We’ll provide a confidential consultation  on your behalf. We won’t share with your employer.

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You may have a sedentary desk job, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get hurt while at work.  Think about slipping on the way to the cafeteria?   Picking up packages at the warehouse office?  Exposed to chemicals unexpectedly in a lab or at a visiting field site? Traveling to an outside sales conference?

Numerous situations abound where you could become injured while on the job.

Don’t dismiss the idea of being hurt at work, for it happens a lot more than you think.

We can help you make your thorough case for your situation.  Call as soon as possible for us to get a strong start on your behalf.We’re here to take your call 24/7:

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Johnson County, Kansas and Jackson County, Missouri  are bi-state leaders in the service economy in the Midwest, with thousands of retailing, personal assistance and assembly jobs across 1,000-plus square miles. Lifting, exerting and pushing patients, boxes, machinery,  and equipment is part of the job in nursing jobs, retail stores and other worksites every day. 

We may not think all of this lifting is taking a toll but it is. You could lose 7 or more days of work. Who can afford that these days?

Whether sprains or strains, these injuries can bring your daily life to a sudden halt for days on end. Or worse – you could be permanently disabled.

If you find yourself in pain after an inventory check or a busy Saturday, keep us in mind. We can help you decide the facts of your case and whether your employer acted responsibly before you took that final lift.

Reach Wichman Law seven days a week: (913) 543-1529 or (816) 787-1529

The following is a written transcript of our worker’s compensation injury welcome video:

Kevin Wichman, Attorney at Law

“Hi, I’m Kevin Wichman. It’s scary when you get hurt on the job. Sometimes companies fight hard against you when you seek fair compensation to protect your future, especially if you’re unable to work. We’ve seen how companies limit financial offers even with legitimate claims. Call us so this doesn’t happen to you. At Wichman Law, we give you the personal care you deserve. Call or email today for a free consultation.”

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We handle workers’ compensation (work comp) injury cases regularly across Greater Kansas City and on both sides of the state line of Kansas and Missouri. Cities we frequent include, but are not limited to: Kansas City (MO), Blue Springs, Independence, Lees’ Summit, Liberty, North Kansas City, Gladstone, Raymore, Belton, Grandview, Raytown, Bonner Springs, Kansas City (KS), Overland Park, Lenexa, Leawood, Merriam, Prairie Village, Fairway, Shawnee, Mission, Mission Hills, Olathe, DeSoto, Lawrence, and Gardner.

Counties we appear in regularly for workers’ compensation (work comp) cases are those of the Greater Kansas City as well, which include: Johnson County (KS), Wyandotte County, Leavenworth County, Jackson County (MO), Clay County, Platte County, and Cole County. Depending on the situation we do take cases outside of Greater Kansas City in the states of Kansas and Missouri, including, but not limited to, Shawnee County, Douglas County, Riley County, and Jefferson County.

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