Being Pulled Over

In this age of heightened tension with police, even a simple traffic violation could grow out of proportion. Here are some steps to take to remain calm, courteous and fully aware of your surroundings in order to contest any charges later on.

  • When you see flashing lights behind you, safely pull over to the right as soon as possible. Drive slowly if you feel that you must drive ahead to find a safe spot. Turn off the ignition and wait inside your car with your hands visible at all times. It may take a few minutes before the officer approaches your car.
  • Roll down your window and listen politely to the officer; be prepared with your driver’s license and registration. Tell the officer if you need to get into your glove compartment to retrieve documents. Avoid any sudden moves and request that passengers remain quiet and still as well.
  • Accept a citation without undue discussion. Arguing with the officer could escalate charges. Remain poised and mentally note all details about the incident.   These mental notes will prove helpful to a future discussion with your attorney.