Steps to Take

Call an attorney immediately to protect your rights.

Prosecutors are seeking much tougher penalties for serious crimes today than ever before. Prosecutors are much more likely to pursue felony charges instead of misdemeanor charges. Prosecutors are more willing to go to trial.

It takes an experienced attorney who advocates for you every step of the way and provides clear advice on the likely penalties you’ll face, and who is as willing to go to trial as the prosecutor trying your case.

In the American justice system, a defendant is presumed innocent until the prosecutor succeeds in proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. And in our judicial system, you have the right to an attorney who will do whatever he or she can do to prove your innocence and to avoid a felony on your permanent criminal record.

A private attorney will be the one to focus exclusively on your case and will be able to bring more expertise and strategies to prepare compared to a public defender, who must juggle a heavy caseload with limited resources.

Wichman Law is the firm to choose for your aggressive and rigorous defense in Kansas and Missouri. Wichman Law has been on the forefront of criminal defense cases in Kansas City for several years. We are experienced and very familiar with the local court system. Our strength is our ability to research intensively and prepare thoroughly on behalf of our clients.