Kansas DUI Penalties

DUI convictions grow progressively steeper with each subsequent offense. For a first offense, convictions include 48 hours of mandatory jail time or 100 hours of community service; a court-ordered drug and alcohol treatment programs that you pay for directly as well as $500-$1000 in fines; payment of court costs and fees ; car impoundment for up to one year (with a fee for release); a suspended license for 30 days and restricted license for another 30 days. Even a first offense leaves you without the ability to drive at all for a month, plus restrictions for another month and loss of access to your own vehicle. The various fees and payments for alternative driving could add up to several thousand dollars.

For a second offense, conviction includes 90 days to one year in prison; payment of court fines, fees and treatment programs; a loss of license for one year followed by another year of restrictions with an ignition lock system verified by the Kansas DMV.

Third and subsequent offenses are charged as felonies with jail terms of at least ninety days to one year nd more severe financial penalties and license suspensions and ongoing restrictions.