Arrest Process for DUI / DWI

If you are pulled over by a police officer, he or she has a suspicion of a criminal traffic violation or of potential drunk driving. Everything you say or do will be noted by the officer to support a case for probable cause for a DWI/DUI.

If the office states that you are under arrest for a DWI/DUI, and you have either submitted to or refused field sobriety tests or chemical tests at the scene, you will be taken to the police station for the official test to measure your Blood Alcohol Content. If this breathalyzer test exceeds .08, you will be booked for a DWI/DUI.

The arresting officer will be compiling every piece of evidence in a written report to support the DWI/DUI arrest. DId you pull over carefully? Were you belligerent when responding to questions? Did you refuse roadside tests with a respectful tone or with an aggressive demeanor?

Everything you say or do will be evaluated, often subjectively, by the officer.

Thorough evidence must demonstrate that the officer had reasonable grounds for your arrest; the officer followed proper procedures, and that your rights were respected throughout the process. If any of these conditions were violated, your arrest can be contested and thrown out.

With all that is at stake for your financial livelihood, you deserve representation that will ensure a fair hearing on your behalf.