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It’s hard to imagine that a simple errand to the mall could result in a unexpected fall and excruciating pain to your foot. Or that a friendly dog could turn on a child. Or that a tree limb would crack in a spring rain.
We expect that the businesses and homes that we visit are maintained properly and that owners take their responsibility seriously.

But when the unexpected happens,  the law supports your right to seek remedies.  Within the Dangerous Premises practice area, Wichman Law brings expertise to examine the particular situation you encounter. We have the experience and know how to handle successfully personal injury situations including, but not limited to:

  • Slip and fall accident personal injury
  • Trip and fall accident personal injury
  • Dog bite and attack personal injury
  • Animal bite and attack personal injury
  • Falling object accident personal injury
  • Falling merchandise accident personal injury
  • Hurt at a business personal injury
  • Hurt on another’s property or rental property personal injury


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Slip / Trip and Falls

We think of slips and falls during winter snow and ice storms.  In reality,  slips and falls occur during every month of the year – at parks, at a local store,  at City Hall, at home.  The owner has a ‘duty of care’ to you to make sure everything is safe.

Many times everything isn’t safe.  If you’ve slipped on a sidewalk or fallen indoors, you need help in gathering all the details about the time and place of your accident.

Wichman Law has seen how owners try to shirk their responsibility. Don’t let this happen to you.

Call us and let us help you recreate the scene and examine all potential liability that you may not be aware of.

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Dog Bites

Over 83 million dogs live in American households.  Americans adore their pets and most animals adore humans right back.  But unfortunately,  aggressiveness comes with the territory too.  Nearly 4.5  million dog bites occur every year. Over 885,000 bites require medical attention,  with over half of these for children.

Dog bites are scary.  You may be reluctant to offend the dog owner, who is likely to be a relative or friend.

But you deserve compensation for your disfiguring loss. Kevin Wichman can help all parties come to a fair and equitable agreement that doesn’t lead to frayed personal friendships.

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Business Premises Injury

Business owners have a responsibility to ensure your safety while on their premises – unless, of course, you’re trespassing.  We trust that we won’t get hurt while simply going to a grocery store, a shopping center or an office building.

But accidents can and do happen.  When you are hurt, or suffer days off from work due even to a seemingly minor injury, your costs can mount quickly.  Don’t let more days go by without a free consultation. Often you need an experienced attorney who can quickly work with a commercial insurance company to get the financial resources you require as soon as possible.

Wichman Law can help:

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Falling Objects – Merchandise, Tree Limbs, and More

Falling tree limbs or other objects may be somewhat rare, but the damage and injuries they cause can be catastrophic.  Heavy limbs can break suddenly and without warning, killing unsuspecting drivers on the street or pedestrians in a park.

Just because a tree looks like it is in good shape doesn’t mean it actually is.

Tree owners are responsible for identifying and removing potential hazards, but many homeowners or businesses put expensive tree maintenance on the back burner.  Until it’s too late.

Similarly, misplaced merchandise falls on people all the time.  Many businesses take great care to limit customer access when moving items at big box stores and other sites.  But even a small object can cause serious pain and injury to feet in sandals or flip flops.

Don’t minimize the effect of a fallen object.

Wichman Law Firm has the expertise to dig for the facts on negligence and to negotiate an outcome that protects you or your loved one.

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The following is a written transcript of our personal injury welcome video:

Kevin Wichman, Attorney at Law

“Hi, I’m Kevin Wichman. No one expects to run out for an errand and fall in a parking lot. No one expects a dog bite from the always-friendly dog down the street. But serious injuries can happen in unlikely places. If you’re hurt in any way, we can help you heal without creating more anxiety. Our proven results have satisfied clients across Kansas City. At Wichman Law, we give you the personal care you deserve. Call or email today for a free consultation.”

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