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Our health care system in the U.S. is bureaucratic and enormously expensive.  For all the anxiety of unexpected costs and uncertainty, we expect our medical providers to follow the Hippocratic oath and ‘do no harm’.  The medical industry and the administering of health care is a complex system and becomes increasingly each year.  Every step of the way there are entry points for a tragic mistake to take place – wrong prescriptions,  delayed diagnoses,  wrong surgery,  poor follow up.  We’re here to help everyday individuals combat this complex and astute medical field, and not let those whom have been harmed and injured by the negligence and careless mistakes of others suffer the rest of their lives by not being able to get the funds for the treatment they need to get better, nor let the events be swept under the rug and for others in the future to have the same mistakes wreak havoc on their lives as well.  

Wichman Law Firm LLC handles all types of situations which result in personal injuries that occur by the fault of doctors, nurses, dentists, certified nurses assistants, pharmacists, hospitals, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and all others in the medical and healthcare field.  Our cases arise typically in and around the Kansas City metropolitan area, on both sides of the state line of Kansas and Missouri, with situations involving:

  • Medical Malpractice Personal Injury
  • Medical Doctor (MD or DO) Malpractice Personal Injury
  • Dentist Malpractice Personal Injury
  • Licensed Practitioner Nurse (LPN) Malpractice Personal Injury
  • Certified Nurse Malpractice (CNA) Personal Injury
  • Medial Hospital Malpractice Personal Injury
  • Nursing Home Malpractice Personal Injury
  • Nursing Home Abuse and Bed Sores Personal Injury
  • Dangerous Pharmaceutical Drug Personal Injury

Medical malpractice

You may hear about high medical malpractice insurance but it’s high for a reason:  mistakes occur and occur a lot. And you are the one who will pay for it with your diminished health and potentially bankrupt finances. When you or a loved one suffers a medical mistake, the consequences can change your life.  You need a partner who will aggressively and persistently combat the adversarial role of health care insurance companies. Wichman Law Firm has secured numerous awards for clients. We can help you navigate this confusing terrain.

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Dangerous Drugs

Direct-to-consumer advertising in print and on TV always show our drug industry in a fabulous light.  No question, drugs have saved millions of lives.  But not all drugs provide positive results. And as aging baby boomers and our older elderly can attest, too many drugs are setting the stage for unexpected drug combinations.  Few people are aware of ‘contra-indications’  with a brew of multiple drugs. If you have a reaction to a dangerous drug, you need proper representation who can guide you through the complexities of this aspect of law.

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Nursing home abuse/neglect

We hope that when our senior citizens need skilled care that we can trust one of the 16,000+ nursing homes in the U.S.  Baby boomers looking ahead for the next 10 years and more will just add to the millions of Americans who currently reside in one of these homes. With average stays of two and a half years at $77,000 per year,  residents have the right to expect stellar treatment. Yet abuse in nursing homes is a persistent problem.  Families need to vigilant so that loved ones actually receive loving and respectful treatment from aides and all staff.

Have you suspected any abuse at a local nursing home? If you have any suspicions- don’t wait.  A consultation is free.

Wichman Law Firm can quickly gather the facts and provide a roadmap to protect your family member.

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Bed sores

Elderly residents of nursing homes are often immobile for long periods of time.  Atrophy and immobility lead to one of the toughest challenges for nursing home staffs especially for the most dependent of residents: preventing bed sores.  National clinical practice guidelines exist for best practices to prevent bed sores, yet in many places, rapid turnover in staff means that these practices are not followed.

If you notice bed sores on a patient, bring it immediately to the attention of nursing staff. Keep a watchful eye on how staff deals with the problem.  If an early stage of a bedsore isn’t resolved, simple redness could quickly develop into a blister or crater.  More skin and subcutaneous tissue could further be lost, exposing bone and muscle.

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