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truck-accident-injury-lawyer-kansas-cityExperience and Proven Results – Kevin Wichman of Wichman Law Firm LLC grew up in Johnson County, Kansas, and has handled cases in many courts throughout the Kansas City metro. He has achieved numerous successful outcomes for a range of truck accidents in the region. With the region known as an intermodal hub, thousands of massive semis, or 18-wheelers, rush through Kansas City along 1-35, I-29, I-70 and local roads. Truckers face tough deadlines yet often take risks to stay on the move. Unfortunately, these risks mean accidents that bring serious or catastrophic injuries to individuals who have little protection against impact with such huge vehicles. Truck accidents can occur from many causes – red light running, failure to yield, speeding, driver inattention, texting and cell phone use, slippery roads, wet and snowy conditions and more. Kevin Wichman has seen the patterns of all of these cases. He uses his knowledge of business insurance companies to develop a winning strategy. And he wins cases that provide the best financial remedies to clients, so they can properly heal and move beyond serious injuries.

Attentive Trucke and Thorough Preparation – Unlike a large firm juggling clients by case number, with Kevin Wichman as your lawyer you are always an individual. He personally handles truck accident cases from start to finish. His unwavering belief in his clients ensures that he will fight for the best ultimate outcome for your situation. When you call, you’ll get a prompt answer. When you have questions, you’ll get a clear explanation of options and next steps, which can often seem confusing when independent contractor drivers, trucks, third party corporations and large business insurers are all involved in the same accident. When you are concerned, he’ll listen carefully and respect your needs.

Affordable Fees – There is NO FEE unless you win. And Attorney Kevin Wichman will make sure that when you win, you win what you deserve, not an amount offered by an impersonal corporation for whom your case is simply business as usual.

Wichman Law Firm LLC is a leading personal injury firm serving the Kansas City metro. Kevin Wichman has years of experience in jury trials in local courts and in tough settlement negotiations against large insurance companies and corporations. He will return your call immediately and set up a free consultation to discuss your truck accident case. He will review your any information you may have, including police reports, medical bills and repair estimates. He will be able to advise you of next steps and the process of dealing with insurance companies and the court system. He will serve as your advocate by dealing directly with insurance adjustors and other representatives. He will prepare timely filings with the courts and work toward a successful resolution as quickly as possible, so you can move ahead with your life and put this truck accident behind you.

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